5 Things That You Must Never Do on Your Trip to Brazil

A vacation to Brazil is surely going to be a wonderful experience that you’d cherish throughout your lifetime. There is too much to explore and witness in this world’s fifth largest country. But, to make the most out of your trip and also to make it a memorable one, there are few things that you must never do. Here is a list of five things, which when avoided, can make your trip a great one.

Never Drink Water, Unless It’s Sealed or Bottled

Like most of the developing nations, the sanitary conditions of Brazil are below average. Hence, you need to be sure of avoiding few health complications by drinking only sealed water. It is also advised to avoid raw vegetables unless they are from some trustworthy source.

Avoid Dressing like a Typical Tourist

The crime rates in few Brazilian cities are higher when compared to other large cities in Europe or US. More often, tourists are the prime targets for various criminal acts. And hence, it is crucial to be alert and extra cautious. Get to know what the local Brazilians wear in the places you are about to visit and wear the same to blend in. Also, try not to attract unwanted attention by wearing either expensive jewelry or clothing, and carry expensive mobile phones and tablet PCs in your hands.

Don’t Visit the Place without Checking Climate Schedule

As Brazil is situated in the southern hemisphere, the seasons run at the opposite time of the year. The summer there runs from December 22 to March 21 and the winter prevails from June 22 to September 21. You can also check for Brazilian holidays or celebrations as you would never want to visit the place when most of the things are either closed or over crowded.

Go With a Positive Attitude

Make sure not to be an ugly foreigner who doesn’t respect the local culture. Don’t be an ethnocentric – try to blend in and also learn from the traditional activities and events. Try to mingle with people. Brazilians are friendly people who even goo out of their ways to befriend strangers. You will surely find things to be different in Brazil, but carry a good attitude and try not to criticize things. During your trip, you can take time to learn what it actually means to be a Brazilian.

Don’t Miss to Get a Tourist Visa to Brazil

There are several tourists who are barred from entering the plane destined for Brazil just because they don’t have proper and appropriate tourist visa to Brazil. While there are several countries that let people, especially the US citizens, to enter without a visa, but Brazil is surely not one of them. So, make sure to get an appropriate tourist visa along with you on your Brazil trip.

On the Whole

The above mentioned tips can surely help you avoid several mistakes and have a great time during your Brazil trip. However, any trip would be easier when it’s planned. And www.uniktour.com helps you plan your trip in the most effortless way. You can check its official website to know about several great trip packages.

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